Let’s look at some ROI: So far we’ve saved 4 292 968 US$

This is just a geeky, cost-calculating experiment really. Nothing scientific or anything. Just a fun thought on how easy it is to calculate the ROI for the low cost of Syspeace licenses.

Yesterday evening we had a really interesting meeting with a future reseller so we thought we’d look at the actual numbers of blocked attacks.

Syspeace had blocked over +314 000 brute force attempts on Windows servers worldwide.

This morning we started thinking.

If each attack takes 15 minutes to manage manually with these steps:

1. Find the IP address of the attacker in the event viewer, then block the attack (in the internal or external firewall)

2 Trace the origin (using traceroute, nslookup and whois) and log it somewhere
3. Decide if it’s worth following up and making it a police matter

That would mean we’ve saved 314 000 * 15 minutes = 78 500 man-hours of manual work around the world.

The US$ is about 6.8 Swedish Krona today.

If each tech has a salary of 35 000 (approx. 5100 US$) per month (an average techie salary in Sweden) the average hourly salary is 218 Swedish Krona (32 US$).

For the employer, that number is about the salary time 1,7 (due to taxes and stuff ) so that would basically amount to 371 Swedish Krona as a cost for the employer.

What we saved in manual labor with Syspeace would be:

78 500 * 371 = 29 192 187 Swedish Krona (or 4 292 968 US$) in actual cost savings.

But most of all, we’ve made the life of the sysadmin easier and he can focus on other stuff than managing brute force attempts and let Syspeace do the work.

A lot of IT projects could do with an extra 78 500 man hours…

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