Does bruteforce attacks really exist?

The other day we sat down and looked at various statistics on how the visitors ended up here in terms of referrers and keyword searches and one of the terms was “does brute force attacks really exist?”.

This made us smile.

Syspeace has so far (April 2014) blocked over 2.77 Million brute force attacks against Windows Server, MS Exchange, SharePoint, Remote desktop, Citrix and SQLServer worldwide, so we dare say they really do exist, and they are very common.

Any Cloud service provider or any outsourcing or service provider or any IT techs at a company knows there are hundreds and thousands of intrusion attacks every month but historically these attacks, also called dictionary attacks, have been very hard to deal with so in essence, they’ve given up.

Some providers or companies do not even bother turning on logging on the servers, simply turning a blind eye to the actual problem. From an operational point of view, security point of view and from the customer’s point of view this is of course not acceptable.

Syspeace: Windows Server Baseline security

After we launched Syspeace, service providers, Cloud providers and companies have been given a new, cost-efficient, easy to set up and easy-to-use countermeasure against hacking attempts. No need to change your infrastructure, hire costly consultants and launch a big, costly project.

One of the features of Syspeace is for instance the Syspeace Global Blacklist that is distributed automatically to all Syspeace installations.

If an attacker has been deemed to have attacked X number of different Syspeace customers and Y number of times, it will be automatically put in the Global Blacklist and distributed to every Syspeace installation, making them preemptively blocking the attacking IP address from ANY communicating with servers that have Syspeace installed.

It could not be easier and frankly, it should be part of any Windows Server Baseline security just as you have got antivirus, backups, and patch management in place.

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