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Syspeace 3.0 introduces: Geographical blocking

“Why doesn’t Syspeace let me block based on country?” With Syspeace 3.0, now you can.

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Preventing brute force attacks against Outlook on the web

If you’re running Microsoft Exchange Server your also quite likely to have the Outlook on the web (previously: Exchange Web Connect, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook Web App)  interface up and running to enable your users to use Exchange ActiveSync and access their email, calendars and contacts over an easy-to-use web interface accessible over the […]


How to block an ongoing brute force attack

If your server or data center is targeted by a brute force attack it might be hard to figure out how to quickly make stop it. If the attack is from a single IP address you’d probably block it in your external firewall or the Windows Server firewall. And after that start tracking and reporting the […]

Does bruteforce attacks really exist?

A short blog post about how #Syspeace has blocked, traced and reported more than 2.7 Million bruteforce attacks against #windowsserver #msexhange #Sharepoint #remotedesktop #Citrix

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175 000+ brute force attacks on Windows automatically blocked by Syspeace

We had a look at the number the other day and since July 15:th we have successfully helped system administrators avoid over 175 000 brute force attempts on Windows servers worldwide! One of the key features in Syspeace is the GBL (Global Blacklist) that automatically analyzes and weighs every attack on every Syspeace installation and […]