Antivirus software is a critical component in any IT infrastructure. The computer virus, originating from the 1990s, is considered the first generation of cyber attacks. Although still persistent, many other forms have arisen since then, complexing the IT environment. Today, numerous ways exist to infect workstations as well as servers. This has commonly been done through spam.

How do computer viruses work?

A virus is a malicious code or software, malware, which replicates itself from computer to computer. The file or program originates from a host, but once it has gained access your computer can replicate itself by inserting its own code.

Who is vulnerable to computer virus attacks?

Computer viruses persist, there is a notion that Windows is more attacked than other computer systems.

Nowadays, they are more sophisticated but most often come through spam, which can be found everywhere online, for example in ads and popups. These viruses are very often efficiently spread through junk email. Everyone on the web is exposed.

Why would someone computer virus attack?

Computer viruses have very different functions, their intent may therefore differ. Viruses are however generally created to harm a computer system to some extent by destroying or corrupting data. Ransomware, for example, is most often for economic purposes. Browser hijacking drives users to land on a changed malicious homepage.

What can be done to prevent computer virus attacks?

Educating employees is an essential proactive initiative. Informative seminars on the pitfalls, risks, and costs associated with viruses, as well as an office policy regarding internet behaviour. But general notes to minimize exposure include: not to open attachments and files sent to you without scaring them first, not clicking pop-up ads, and using a virus protection software.

Running an IT environment without computer virus protection is not recommended. Fortunately, there are numerous computer antivirus software available on the market, you can download antivirus software instantaneously online today. So, no need to worry.

Antivirus software however only protects you against viruses. Syspeace is an effective and inexpensive complement to your other IT solutions as we can protect you against brute force attacks, an increasingly detrimental force online.

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