Why Do I Need Syspeace?

Because Hacking and Brute Force Attacks are on the rise

Hacking and brute force attacks are of concern for larger companies with highly valued intellectual property such as educational institutions, big tech, tech startups, commercial and investment banks, as well as small businesses.

Organized crime actors made up 80% of all data breaches during 2021.

Verizon’s (2021) Data Breach Investigation reported: As in past years, financially motivated attacks continue to be the most common. Likewise, actors categorized as Organized crime continue to be number one”.
Nobody is invisible on the Internet. Both small (SMB) and large-sized organizations are being targeted by organized crime actors, often financially motivated. In fact, 80% of all data breaches were from this category in 2021.

All companies are susceptible to data intrusions – because they are accessible to anyone who wants them to be. Even more so if you leave yourself exposed without hacker protection.

You may think we’re over-exaggerating, because who would care about John and his 20 employees in the suburb outside Milwaukee selling accounting services to local firms? Now, big firms may suffer more from larger scaled paid attacks since they hold highly valued Intellectual Property in competitive markets. But SMBs are exposed too, and often with higher vulnerability because their protection usually is far less sophisticated.

As we speak, Syspeace (and similar systems) detects hacking and brute force attacks on customers’ servers and puts blocks in place to prevent them.

Click on the Sypeace Threat Activity Map to see updated information about the originating and receiving countries, determined by the location of the IP addresses associated with the block according to a database.

Realtime statistics about mitigating brute force attacks worldwide

Because Antivirus and Firewalls are Not Enough

Imagine this. Your company has a physical facility. If someone repeatedly tries to gain access with a fake key or invalid key card, you would expect that your security guards would provide protection and not let the intruder through.

For your servers, you might think antivirus and firewall protection would be enough? Unfortunately, antivirus and firewall software only help against attacks at some gates of your facility but do not take action against intruders.

Even with firewalls and antivirus software, wherever a legitimate user might need to log into your server, an intruder or attacker gets infinite tries to log in to this server. The server has no guard and the gate is left unattended.

You may have a burglar alarm that detects the intrusion. But not a guard to send in order to stop it. The Windows Server does have some built-in defenses, which usually amount to locking out the user the intruder is trying to log in as. Aside from being unhelpful and annoying for the innocent user, it does nothing to stop the attack or give you protection from the intrusion attempt.

Here, Syspeace is the solution. We can serve the innocent user with a smooth login experience, whilst still protecting your company from IT theft.

Because Intellectual Property is Your Most Valuable Asset

Intellectual property is a company’s most valuable asset in today’s world. The most common way to access sensitive corporate information nowadays is through hacking and brute force attacks. This doesn’t just put your IP at risk, but also your employees, your suppliers, customers, clients, and finances. A brute force hacker program is cheap and efficient. Syspeace is the inexpensive and effective solution to stop them.

When it comes to IT security, being proactive is key to minimizing the risk of possible damage. The reactive approach has never been advocated, much because these types of attacks can have irreparable damage. Most often these hacks go unnoticed, they are silent, and that is how they are dangerous. Brute force attacks are extensive nowadays and can come in a swift hacking storm, with planned intent or even by fluke, at which point those without protection are highly exposed.

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