Complement your firewall by deploying Syspeace on your servers and significantly increase your capability to mitigate brute force attacks.Syspeace stops hackers and brute force attacks on your servers, protecting your intellectual property by minimizing the attack surfaceLet the silence do the talking.

Syspeace Server IPS

Prevent brute force attacks on your server

For Windows Server


September 15, 2022
❝Having an additional layer of security for brute-force login attempts that works without us having to think about it or constantly monitor it has been great. Support has also been great, when we have a question the response is relatively quick and always very complete.

September 15, 2022
❝Finally a peace of mind – We really enjoy the security and the sense that if our router firewall fails, that syspeace has our server covered against all the incoming attacks.❞

February 6, 2024
❝I have had nothing but great experiences with Syspeace. The software works flawlessly 99% of the time. When I have run into an issue, I reach out to support and they immediately look into it and have written a beta version of the software for us several times that solves the issue and then later that fix is added to the main release for everyone else who has not yet had the issue we were facing.❞

March 21, 2022
❝USNDC is a Patriotic Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization which strives to be the support for our first responders in Natural Disasters and Homeland Security. Due to the Nature of our content our servers are under constant attack. Simply having Cisco Firewalls are not enough. We do not know what we would do without the protection and ease of use of Syspeace. Their product is great and the service and customer care is exemplary. We would gladly recommend their product to anyone.❞

March 2, 2022
❝We’ve been using Syspeace for over a year now and it has detected and blocked numerous attempts to access our systems. This is a great product and I highly recommend everyone adding it to their tools to protect infrastructure.❞

March 1, 2022
❝We have installed Syspeace on more than a dozen servers. It has blocked hacking attempts on all of them. This is an extremely effective product at a very low cost. It is a necessity for any server. And by the way. Your software added years to my life.❞

March 21, 2022
❝The access reports section has been a bit of an eye-opener regarding the number of addresses that hit us multiple times per day but never in fast succession. I created a rule that looks back over a 10 day period and have been catching a lot of attempts that are only one or two tries during different times of the day but occur several times each week. I found one that appears to have started a dictionary attack and successive tries have picked up where they left off days earlier.❞

March 21, 2022
❝You guys have turned hack attempts from a nightmare into an amusement to watch.❞
Jeff, W.

March 21, 2022
❝We have been using Syspeace for over 5 years, the effectiveness, ease of use, configurability, and support have been outstanding. Our company is in the process of migrating its in-house server farm to Amazon EC2 and we are keeping Syspeace to protect our hosted servers just like we do for our in-house server farm. The latest edition of Syspeace with its new country blocking features has dramatically cut down on the number of attempts against our servers since all of our legitimate customers are USA based and the majority of the intrusion attempts were from outside the USA.❞

Syspeace Advantages

Real-time hacking protection

Enjoy the security of the industry-leading software Syspeace.
We have been preventing hacking and brute force attempts since 2012.

Secures multiple software products

By default, we secure all products that run on your Windows Server that authenticate using the AD.
If that is not enough, we have the API that takes care of the rest.

Extensive basic analysis

Ever wondering what happened? Why was someone denied logging in?
There are Multiple reports that will give you information about this.

Real-time events

Follow events as they happen. See the latest incoming login attempts and blocks on your servers in real-time.

API for integration

Using our API, you can feed Syspeace information from any source you like.
With this tool, there is no limit to what products you can secure from hacking attempts.

World-class customer support

If anything fails or you have a question, our world-class support is here to help you sort out your problems.