Microsoft SQL Server

Information is the most valuable of all corporate assets, and protecting the databases is key.
SQL Server is the standard solution for storing enterprise-critical data in a regular Microsoft environment.
Access to the SQL Server is either done by Domain account or by local account for the SQL Server itself.

Syspeace blocks brute force attacks on SQL Server, enhancing the standard security and data protection.


Sharepoint is commonly used as an intranet system, a commonplace to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. This makes it the central point for all corporate projects and processes.

Sharepoint with Syspeace

Syspeace will safeguard Sharepoint from brute force attacks, thus complementing the standard antivirus and firewalls. By blocking the hostile login attempts it will increase the protection of your essential enterprise data from unauthorized viewing and theft.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a common platform for any organization that is running Windows networks. Exchange from Microsoft is the system that the organization can use for collaboration via e-mail.

The Exchange solution is a mail server used by organizations, but it also includes numerous other public services that provide Exchange mailboxes to individuals or organizations as hosted solutions.

Exchange mail is the problem

The mail system has been around for a while and is today a very competent mail communication solution for companies of every size. Sadly, the system is also one of the favorite systems being pinpointed in hacking attacks.

Exchange security with Syspeace

The problem is technically complex since the Exchange server implements an uneven logging capability. Syspeace IDS protects all access from the OWA web since a login from the OWA triggers a normal AD-based login event in the Windows event log that Syspeace catches and acts on. However, the SMTP-connector logs failed login attempts only once a day, which limits the possibility for Syspeace to act in a timely fashion.

Syspeace can block repeat attackers as usual when sending emails with your mail server over SMTP.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a growing business trend, helping companies focus on their core business. Both for MSPs and companies that move part of their infrastructure to the cloud.

The cloud offers many new tools that when used correctly, greatly enhance the customer’s effectiveness as well as optimize the TCO of a system. We continue to see cloud platforms emerge on the net that provides different kinds of services. All from VPN, IaaS, and PaaS to mention a few.

Virtual Servers with Syspeace

Common cloud services today are Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud.

If you offer a digital service to the market that requires your customers to log in, you will always have the risk of someone trying to hack their way in by brute force attacks. It might be a single person that is a bit bored, trying easy-to-use and configurable tools on the internet for brute force attacks and you are just an unlucky target among others. Or it might be a criminal organization that is on the hunt for information to use in a later blackmail attempt. Maybe some competitor that uses the dark web to get an unfair advantage and later tries to bring you down.

We never know.

Clouds that consists of Windows servers need to be protected from many threats. What we do know is that a brute force attempt is possible to identify and mitigate with Syspeace. Either your service uses AD-based login within a domain or a proprietary web-based system where you hold all login information by yourself in a database. 

Either way, Syspeace protects the server from brute force login attempts 24/7 and thereby also protects the data and intellectual property of clients on the cloud as well.

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