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New Syspeace Plugin for Your WordPress Site

We have developed a new plugin, that brings the protection of our Global Blocklist to your WordPress website! Block intruders from accessing your website by checking IP addresses against the Syspeace Global Blocklist. The plugin is now available here on our site and will soon be downloadable from the WordPress plugin directory. There are multiple subscription plans available (as […]

Announcing APIs for Syspeace Global Blocklist

Every day, the Syspeace Server IPS software detects millions of login attempts and blocks attackers. The IP addresses of attackers seen at multiple customers are ranked by persistence and added to the Global Blocklist and this list is now available as two new web APIs provided through RapidAPI. Syspeace Global Blocklist Lookup Using the Syspeace […]

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A public beta version of our RRAS Detector is here

After extensive internal development and testing, we now proudly present our public beta version of a Syspeace detector for Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service. What is Routing and Remote Access Services?“RRAS”, as it is often known, is a component in Windows Server to provide a VPN so that internal servers can be accessed from […]

Requirements for Syspeace

Syspeace’s server protection is an anti-hacking software, for brute force attacks specifically. The Syspeace system is a Host-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (HIDPS). Simply meaning that it reasons about the pattern of failed login attempts and sequentially blocks the attacker once it can discern the attack from a legitimate user logging in incorrectly. So what are […]

Syspeace 3.1 introduces Remote Status and improves deployment

Syspeace 3.1 is now available and introduces a new feature called Remote Status to let you see the status of Syspeace services remotely, as well as improved support for automatically deploying Syspeace. Using the new Syspeace Remote Status Console application (available free of charge), Syspeace users are able to link one or more Syspeace accounts. […]

Syspeace closes public reseller program

We have decided to close the Syspeace public reseller program. We are considering providing a revised reseller program in the future. Syspeace still has managed resellers. Existing reseller tools can still be used by IT infrastructure/service providers. That is to help to streamline the process of providing licenses for their customers. Current public resellers now act […]

Recent improvements in the Syspeace Licenses site

Syspeace consists of more than the Windows software that you download and run to achieve our Syspeace protection. Customers purchase and manage licenses from the Syspeace Licenses site, and we have recently introduced a few changes worthy of a write-up. Show your license key. You can now click a link to show your license key, […]

Syspeace 2.7.0 released

Update to Syspeace 2.7.0! We highly recommend it. Why? It introduces improved support for detecting RDP login failures where the IP addresses are missing in the event log entries. For details, see the separate post A comprehensive approach to detecting RDP login failures. It includes a setting to mitigate repetitive “success” login entries on file […]


New reseller: RECiPHER Group Australia

Syspeace welcomes its newest reseller: RECiPHER Group Australia. RECiPHER Group caters to Australia and New Zealand with regional presence and pricing. RECiPHER Group is the first Syspeace reseller in the southern hemisphere. RECiPHER Group joins four existing Syspeace resellers. For more information about becoming a Syspeace reseller, contact our customer support.

Recommendations for Syspeace Windows Server 2003

The current major release of Syspeace (2.x) continues to be supported on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2. We may introduce major new releases of Syspeace. They will not run or be supported on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2. Microsoft’s extended support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 ended […]