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A public beta version of our RRAS Detector is here

After extensive internal development and testing, we now proudly present our public beta version of a Syspeace detector for Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service.

What is Routing and Remote Access Services?
“RRAS”, as it is often known, is a component in Windows Server to provide a VPN so that internal servers can be accessed from the public Internet by logging in with a Windows Active Directory domain user.

By installing the RRAS Detector, Syspeace can pick up information about VPN login failures. Just install the detector and restart Syspeace. No further configuration is necessary. Using the RRAS Detector is free of charge.

PS: This is a good example of a powerful Syspeace capability: detectors. Syspeace can already detect login attempts from many sources, and using the Syspeace Detector SDK, anyone with programming experience in C# can write a detector for even more sources.