Note: For Syspeace v3 only

Detectors are only available for Syspeace v3.
Syspeace detectors will be provided in future releases of Syspeace v4. Read more in the v3 vs v4 comparison.

If you are currently using the Web detector included in the detector SDK paired with a reporter for another system, a beta version of the Web detector is available in v4.

Develop your own Syspeace detector with the Detector Provider APIs

Using functionality in Syspeace 2.5.0 and later, you can develop your own Syspeace detector or install additional detectors.

Download the Syspeace Detector SDK for more information.

The Syspeace Detector SDK also includes the Web Detector that allows Syspeace to pick up login attempts in supported web applications.

The Syspeace Web Detector Reporter for .NET and for ASP.NET Membership Provider are also available on NuGet. Please see instructions in the SDK.