Announcing APIs for Syspeace Global Blocklist

Every day, the Syspeace Server IPS software detects millions of login attempts and blocks attackers. The IP addresses of attackers seen at multiple customers are ranked by persistence and added to the Global Blocklist and this list is now available as two new web APIs provided through RapidAPI.

Syspeace Global Blocklist Lookup

Using the Syspeace Global Blocklist Lookup service, customers can check to see whether IP addresses are included in the current Global Blocklist.

These plans are available:

  • Basic, $0/month, including 100 lookups/day. $0.001 per each additional lookup.
  • Pro, $9.99/month, including 500 lookups/day. $0.001 per each additional lookup.
  • Ultra, $49.99/month, including 5000 lookups/day. $0.0001 per each additional lookup.

(1 lookup refers to looking up one IP address, whether as one request or as part of a batch request checking up to 250 IP addresses. 50 individual requests and 1 batch request with 50 IP addresses are treated identically.)

For full details, see Pricing.

Syspeace Global Blocklist Data

Using the Syspeace Global Blocklist Data service, customers can fetch the top attackers from the Global Blocklist.

These plans are available:

  • Basic, free, intended for testing the API during integration. Test data is returned.
  • Pro, $99/month. Provides the top 1000 addresses from the Global Blocklist as of two weeks ago.
  • Ultra, $399/month. Provides the top 5000 addresses from the current Global Blocklist.

For full details, see Pricing.

Easy to integrate, valuable for your business

Both APIs are immediately available through RapidAPI – sign up and start using the APIs within minutes. Anything that can POST an HTTP request and read the JSON-formatted response can also use these APIs.

Check the visitor’s IP address during registration, sign-up and transactions and catch the IP addresses of known attackers included in the Syspeace Global Blocklist.

Since it is difficult to be accidentally included in the Global Blocklist, an IP address being included in the Global Blacklist is a strong signal of ill intent, suitable for use as a factor in risk/fraud analysis, IP reputation scores and SIEM systems. With both Lookup and Data APIs, customers of all sizes can use the option that best fits their need.

More about the Global Blocklist

For over a decade, Syspeace users have benefited from the Global Blocklist, which collects known recurring and high-volume attackers from all Syspeace installations into a list of pre-emptive blocks. The Global Blocklist is continuously assembled from tens of thousands of blocks across the entire Syspeace userbase. Read more about the Global Blocklist.