Syspeace 3.1 introduces Remote Status and improves deployment

Syspeace 3.1 is now available and introduces a new feature called Remote Status to let you see the status of Syspeace services remotely, as well as improved support for automatically deploying Syspeace.

Using the new Syspeace Remote Status Console application (available free of charge), Syspeace users are able to link one or more Syspeace accounts. You will also see the status of their Syspeace services. Remote Status is fully optional. It can quickly be enabled from the Syspeace user interface or with a configuration file. Remote Status is available when Syspeace is running on Windows Server 2008 or later.

Syspeace 3.1 also includes improved support and instructions for deploying. It also configures Syspeace automatically with the deployment tool of your choice. See Deploying Syspeace for more information.