Syspeace introduces automatic license renewal and saved cards

Syspeace customers can now enable automatic license renewal for new or existing licenses on the Syspeace Licenses site.

Syspeace has always allowed flexible licenses. You set the start date, end date and the number of servers. You can combine multiple licenses, and thanks to “floating licenses, ” you can swap out servers over time.

Many Syspeace customers exercise this flexibility to pick the license they want, especially to use shorter-duration licenses for many servers. However, this freedom came at the cost of having to renew the license manually.

With automatic license renewal, Syspeace customers can now save a credit/debit card and enable automatic renewal of licenses per license. A few days before a license is about to expire, we will charge the card and automatically set up a new license. The license will be a renewal – have the same duration and number of servers as the previous license, and will take over when the previous license expires, without lapses or overlaps.

The customer is always in control

Automatic does not mean giving up control. If necessary, the number of servers used for the renewal license can be changed up or down to accommodate changes, and the autorenewal can also be disabled at any time, as easily as when it was enabled. And as mentioned, autorenewal is not an all-or-nothing affair; it can be enabled on some licenses and disabled on some.

This new functionality is built to be tolerant of new rules and regulations about increased authentication, like SCA/PSD2 in the EU/EEA, coming into force on September 14. Our automatic renewal requests the appropriate exemptions for merchant-initiated transactions, and if an automatic renewal fails because a bank still requests authentication, we will send an email with a link where you can provide the authentication manually. (We are now able to respond to requests for authentication during manual purchases too.)

We will also inform you if charges fail, inform you about the autorenewal a few days before it happens, and do “preflight” checking ahead of the charge to make sure the card hasn’t expired or EU VAT ID details aren’t out of date.

In short: Automatic license renewal will make Syspeace customers’ lives easier, by automating license renewal without giving up control, and by making it easier than ever to use short-term licenses.