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“Syspeace does exactly what it says it does”

Today, it’s a wonderful day. At IT-community Spiceworks, in a thread regarding Brute Force – OWA Exchange 2010, we found one of our customers in detail describing his view of Syspeace. And it makes our hearts sing.

The praise in itself is heartwarming, but perhaps the idea he presents in the end is even more valuable. Because every piece of negative feedback is a possibility to make the software even better, and more in tuned with the needs of our customers. A true win-win.

(We’ve send a request to the developers, to see if this could be remedied. We’ll let you know what we come up with.)

Snippet from Spiceworks:

“I went with syspeace as opposed to RDPGuard because and I’m going to slaughter this description. IIRC there was at the time a TLS style login attempt being done our terminal servers where the event logging did not capture the ip address. So RDPGuard couldn’t see it to add it to the firewall block rule. Syspeace could at the time so I went with it.

It does exactly what it says it does. They also have a global blacklist that they utilize as well. You can also whitelist as necessary. Sometime last year they added a central admin dashboard (which I’d actually inquired about a year or so previous) but I haven’t had a change to mess with it very much as its so set it and forget it. Useable for a variety of logon checks, sql, rdp, etc. Generates some basic daily/weekly reporting as well of blocked ip’s and location. I believe they also added a geo-filter for location based blocking as well.

I’ve been very happy with it.

If I had one complaint it would be that their default block list you view is sorted by ip address instead of date time, but you can run a report within it and sort by date time to get info in that view and I’ve rarely had to so not really a huge inconvenience. I use it on all our interfacing boxes.”

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