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New Syspeace 1.1.30 with new analysis feature released

Today we’ve released a new version of Syspeace with a few new features.

The major news is that there is now a new feature in the Attack Control Section for further analysis.

The analysis section enables you to create reports on specific IP addresses, usernames, or domains or do the opposite, i.e. find out all the ones who are NOT a specific IP address, domain, or username. Or sort out the ones with successful logins or only the ones with failed logins.

As a side note, we are happy to tell you that we’ve since July 15th helped you guys block 73 000+ brute force attempts. We have gathered them, classified them, and added some of them to the GBL that we introduced in 1.1.10. Thus, helped you to be preemptively defended by getting this distributed to all the other Syspeace installations around the world.

About older versions

For those of you still running an older version (prior to 1.20), we highly recommend you look at the newer versions and the stuff we have put in there.

Here is a list of what we have been up to so far:

19/91.1.30Upgraded the Attack control: improved search and added analysis of login statistics.
11/91.1.23Fixed bug where new installations would have problems with the reporting feature.
10/91.1.22Updated registration process in GUI.
4/91.1.21Fixed e-mail bug.
3/91.1.20Added daily and weekly reporting.
7/81.1.10Added global blacklist.
29/71.1.5Fixed SMTP to work with Gmail.
15/71.1.0First version! Basic functionality for securing a server from unauthorized login attempts.

To download the newest version for trial or purchase, please visit the Syspeace download page

As we have stated earlier, the older version will run until 2012-12-31, but maybe you would be interested in the new features we have added.

For anyone running 1.20+ we highly recommend upgrading if you have the possibility and since we have also taken care of some minor bugs in the Global Blacklist function.

The future of Syspeace and our roadmap

Our roadmap for the nearest future is to start looking more closely into a Windows 2003 version since it has been frequently asked by you guys.

Of course, you’re always welcome to mail us also as you have done before. We are here, and we love getting your feedback.

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