Recent improvements in the Syspeace Licenses site

Syspeace consists of more than the Windows software that you download and run to achieve our Syspeace protection. Customers purchase and manage licenses from the Syspeace Licenses site, and we have recently introduced a few changes worthy of a write-up.

  • Show your license key. You can now click a link to show your license key, to easily copy it into your records or into Syspeace’s Welcome window.
  • Show current license use. In the list of licenses, you can now also show which computers currently have a license use right checked out. The list also shows the number of computers currently using the license.
  • Revoke a license use right for a computer. Syspeace gives you the flexibility to switch computers over the lifetime of your license. With the ability to revoke a current license use right for a computer, you no longer have to wait for the license use right for an outgoing computer to expire before a new computer can receive it.
  • Resellers can now create accounts for customers. This is especially helpful for managed resellers that need to plan out big deployments, but is also useful for public resellers. These accounts already are paired to the reseller, so that the reseller can purchase licenses for them immediately.

In addition to this, we have updated the purchase FAQ to contain more frequently asked questions.

As always, we welcome feedback on every part of Syspeace, including the Syspeace Licenses site.