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How to battle slowgrind bruteforce attacks against Windows servers

The default rule of Syspeace is that if an intruder fails to login more than 5 times within 30 minutes, the intruders IP address is blocked, tracked and reported for 2 hours and simply is denied any access to the server.  A new trend though has emerged and that is for bruteforce attackers to “slowgrind” through […]


Syspeace support for FTP on IIS and Filezilla in beta

#Syspeace coming with new detectors for #Microsoft #IIS FTP server and #Filezilla to fight bruteforce attacks.

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Syspeace has blocked over 3 Million brute force attacks

More than 3 Million #bruteforce attacks blocked against #windowsserver #msexhange #Sharepoint #remotedesktop

Using various brute force and dictionary attack prevention methods – and why they don’t work

Protection from brute force attempts on Windows servers has always been a nightmare and would continue to be so if not .. Yes, I admit, I will come up with a solution further down. Most system administrators with selfrespect start off with the best of intentions to actually keep track of brute force / dictianary […]

Let’s look at some ROI: So far we’ve saved 4 292 968 US$

This is just a geeky, cost-calculating experiment really. Nothing scientific or anything. Just a fun thought on how easy it is to calculate the ROI for the low cost of Syspeace licenses. Yesterday evening we had a really interesting meeting with a future reseller so we thought we’d look at the actual numbers of blocked […]

Attacks and Countermeasures

Anything facing the Internet is a potential target for anyone who wants to gain access or disrupt your data operations. If it is here, people will try to get in or make it stop working. That is just the way it is, and I am sure you are aware of it. There are different methods for […]

HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System)

Brute force protection for Windows servers has been a nightmare until now. Syspeace is a low-cost, easy-to-configure HIPS that automate the blocking of brute force attacks and dictionary attacks on Windows servers. Syspeace supports Exchange OWA, RDWEB, Exchange SMTP AUTH connectors, Winlogon, terminal servers and more. Also included is a global blacklist for preemptive protection, […]