Computer security and prevention

In what scenarios Syspeace is useful for preventing brute force attacks? Do I need it if I’ve only got a Windows workstation? These are questions we have answers on. 

Syspeace is an intrusion prevention software and works with Windows Servers and senses bad logins to other Windows accounts such as Sharepoint, OWA, Exchange Server SMTP mail accounts and Remote Desktop Services.

These conditions need to be met to get real use of Syspeace

  1. You need to have enabled remote access to your server or workstation.
  2. You need to have set up some kind of port forwarding in your external firewall to your server. If you are for instance on a standard broadband connection and you haven’t done anything with the default rules in your broadband modem, your workstation is probably not reachable from the Internet. Thus making a Syspeace installation quite unnecessary and a waste of RAM and CPU for you, minimal of course but still. There is no need to have software installed in any computer environment that actually doesn’t do anything for you. It’s a waste of resources.
  3. The same goes for servers although in a server environment you might want to have Syspeace installed to monitor. And handle internal brute force attacks since Syspeace works just as efficiently whether the attack is external or internal. It will even block a workstation trying to connect to network shares via the command prompt using “net use * servernamesharename” command.
  4. There could be a scenario where you have for instance your own hosted WordPress Blog that is reachable from the Internet.
  5. In server environments you might have Syspeace installed not only for intrusion prevention but also to have a good reporting on various user login activity that can be viewed and exported in the Access Reports Section.
  6. If you’re using mainly Cloud Services or a managed VPS, the intrusion prevention should be handled by your Cloud Service Provider.

Easy and efficient

Give it a try and have your Windows Server instantly protected from dictionary attacks and brute force attacks. The installation is small, quick and very easy to set up. You’re up & running in 5 minutes and there’s no need to change your current infrastructure, invest in specific and usually expensive hardware or hire external consultants.

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