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New Syspeace Plugin for Your WordPress Site

We have developed a new plugin, that brings the protection of our Global Blocklist to your WordPress website! Block intruders from accessing your website by checking IP addresses against the Syspeace Global Blocklist. The plugin is now available here on our site and will soon be downloadable from the WordPress plugin directory. There are multiple subscription plans available (as […]

Syspeace Wordpress

Syspeace WordPress Reporter – protect your site from brute force attacks

How it works Syspeace WordPress Reporter collect relevant login data from your WordPress pages login functionality. The collected data is sent to the Syspeace Web Detector which provides Syspeace with login attempt information. This means that you need to have the Web Detector installed in Syspeace for it to work. The server running WordPress must […]

Computer security and prevention

Scenarios where Syspeace is useful for preventing brute force attacks

In what scenarios Syspeace is useful for preventing brute force attacks? Do I need it if I’ve only got a Windows workstation? These are questions we have answers on.  Syspeace is an intrusion prevention software and works with Windows Servers and senses bad logins to other Windows accounts such as Sharepoint, OWA, Exchange Server SMTP […]