What’s new in Syspeace 4.3, part 2: Shared IP lists

Following on Syspeace 4.1 and 4.2, we have been adding new features to Syspeace at a rapid pace. This post is part of a series on what’s new in Syspeace 4.3, just released and available for download now. (Previously: Service ID)

A common request from our customers has been: is there a way to take a list of known bad IP addresses and automatically add them to the blocklist? In Syspeace 4.3, the answer will be yes.

With Shared IP lists, you can create new IP lists of the same type as you can create on each service (blocklist, safelist, GeoIP override list) but make them apply to all services in the account or in a specific license group. You set up the IP lists in Syspeace Console by managing the account and the changes are saved and distributed to all services within 10 seconds.

But different lists may apply to different places. Maybe you have a safelist for trusted IP addresses that should only apply to the services in one data center? You can choose if you want the list to be mandatory and always apply, if the list should be possible to opt out of, but opted in by default or finally if it should be completely optional and opted out by default. Lists that are not mandatory can then be opted into or out of on each Syspeace service. Lists can also temporarily be disabled completely, at which point it will not be able to be opted into.

This is a significant feature that will be very helpful in, for example, blocking an incoming attacker across all services in an account. And with the license group granularity, IT administration bureaus or Managed Service Providers can keep separate lists for separate clients.

Next time, a closely related feature: Shared blocks.