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What’s new in Syspeace 4.3, part 1: Service ID

Following on Syspeace 4.1 and 4.2, we have been adding new features to Syspeace at a rapid pace. This post is part of a series on what’s new in Syspeace 4.3, just released and available for download now.

Syspeace is used by customers of all sizes and many use it on multiple servers, from small companies with two or three servers to Managed Service Providers with many servers across many customers. The new features in 4.3 are especially powerful for you.

As we have been talking to customers, we have heard that it can be difficult to pick the right server out of a lineup, particularly if you are managing servers for other companies. Servers may have names that follow no known standard or may just be named by Sysprep or the Windows installer as WIN-XYXYXYXY.

So the first feature of Syspeace 4.3 is Service ID. With Service ID, you can go to each Syspeace Service and enter a nickname, which will be shown instead (although the original machine name is still visible in a tooltip; other options are available). You can also pick an identifying color, which will be shown alongside the name. And since we were putting this in, we’re also adding a “Notes” field, to keep some additional notes that may be handy, if the name alone is not enough.

This is a relatively small feature but one that may make a big difference during day-to-day management. Next time, we will present a much larger feature: Shared IP lists.