Announcing Syspeace Service for Linux Beta

We are announcing a beta of a Linux version of the Syspeace Service portion of Syspeace Server IPS.

Syspeace Service runs on x64 servers with Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04. It uses the iptables layer as a blocking provider and picks up SSH login attempts that come in from sshd. It also supports the beta Web Detector, using which processes on the same server can report login attempts. Out of the box on a Ubuntu Server install (with OpenSSH enabled), it integrates with the firewall and picks up login attempts.

Syspeace Service for Linux is built from the same code base as Syspeace Service for Windows and features the same rule engine, the same support for Global Blocklist and the same new 4.3 features (shared IP lists and shared blocks).

Syspeace Service for Linux requires Syspeace Console (on Windows) for configuration.

If you are interested in beta testing Syspeace Service for Linux, contact support and we will get in touch.