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How do I upgrade Syspeace?

Upgrading Syspeace is easy and follows the standard Windows upgrade model.

  1. Download the newest Syspeace version.
  2. Install the version you downloaded on the server where you want to upgrade Syspeace.
  3. Start Syspeace again.

The new version will install “on top of” the previous version. Please note that if you have customized the Syspeace location, you will have to enter the customized location again.

If you prefer to uninstall the current version and then install the new version, this will also work since uninstalling Syspeace does not remove the configuration database and any data Syspeace has recorded.

For more detailed information about how to perform automated deployment across several servers, please refer to Deploying Syspeace, as found in our download library.