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How does Syspeace work?

In this video we go through how Syspeace helps you protect servers from hacking attacks. We also demonstrate our threat activity map, which is a live view of all the hacking attempts that occur in the world that are being blocked by Syspeace.

Syspeace is a ransomware protection software for windows servers that blocks hacking attempts. Syspeace can dicern the pattern of failed login attempts and block attackers once it can discern the attack from a legitimate user logging in incorrectly. Brute-force attacks that otherwise thrive on being able to try a large number of logins until one of them works by chance are stopped nearly instantly. Since it is effective against many types of attacks, Syspeace is an excellent complement to antivirus and firewall software. The best antivirus, antimalware and antiransomware on the market.

Click here to visit our Threat activity map-live feed