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Get started with Syspeace

For a Syspeace free trial follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the version of Syspeace appropriate for your server.
  2. Enable logon events auditing in your local security policy to allow Syspeace to know about failed Windows login attempts. (Servers joined to domains may need to receive a group policy instead).
    • Open the Control Panel.
    • Open Administrative Tools.
    • Open Local Security Policy.
    • In the tree to the left, select Security Settings → Local Policies → Audit Policy
    • In the list to the right, double click Audit logon events.
    • Check the Success and Failure checkboxes.
  3. Install Syspeace using the downloaded setup.exe.
  4. Launch Syspeace and register a new Syspeace account.
  5. You will receive the license key in an email sent to your Syspeace account’s email address.
  6. Enter the license key into Syspeace.

Syspeace will now start protecting your server.

This is a quick tutorial about how easy it is to install Syspeace on a Windows Server 2019.