+200 000 blocked brute force attempts on Windows servers worldwide

Syspeace helps Windows administrators handle the gruesome tasks of tracking, blocking and reporting brute force attacks on Windows servers. Through the use of the GBL (Global BlackList) Syspeace users are preemptively protected from brute force attacks so, to be honest, the number could actually be higher than 200 000 so far since the attackers once […]

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175 000+ brute force attacks on Windows automatically blocked by Syspeace

We had a look at the number the other day and since July 15:th we have successfully helped system administrators avoid over 175 000 brute force attempts on Windows servers worldwide! One of the key features in Syspeace is the GBL (Global Blacklist) that automatically analyzes and weighs every attack on every Syspeace installation and […]

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New Syspeace 1.1.30 with new analysis feature released

Today we’ve released a new version of Syspeace with a few new features. The major news is that there is now a new feature in the Attack Control Section for further analysis. The analysis section enables you to create reports on specific IP addresses, usernames, or domains or do the opposite, i.e. find out all […]

Syspeace on Uservoice

We have started using Uservoice to gather ideas and feature requests from our Syspeace users. The idea is simple, just visit our page on syspeace.uservoice.com , submit an idea or request a feature and we’ll try to implement the ones that score the highest. This way we get faster feedback and we get a better […]

HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System)

Brute force protection for Windows servers has been a nightmare until now. Syspeace is a low-cost, easy-to-configure HIPS that automate the blocking of brute force attacks and dictionary attacks on Windows servers. Syspeace supports Exchange OWA, RDWEB, Exchange SMTP AUTH connectors, Winlogon, terminal servers and more. Also included is a global blacklist for preemptive protection, […]