Review: Syspeace – Blocks the access to certain servers based on intelligent global blacklists – Softpedia

Just a quick post that Syspeace just got published on Softpedia with a positive editors review and of course, we’re happy about it. Read the full review at Softpedia

download syspeace cnet

Syspeace now also available on Cnet downloads

Now we’ve also decided to have more download places for Syspeace users. Here you can download Syspeace on CNET. Please keep in mind that the latest version is always available on Syspeace official website download page

Syspeace has now blocked over 1 million brute force attacks worldwide!

As the headline states and as we predicted last week, Syspeace has now blocked  +1 million brute force / dictionary attacks on Windows Servers worldwide! That’s since July 15th, 2012 when we went public. Download a free, fully functional trial at the  Syspeace download page to help protect your Windows Servers, Terminal Servers, Exchange Servers, […]

Closing in on 1 Million blocked brute force and dictionary attacks on Windows Servers world wide

Just a quick post about the numbers so far really. Last night, Syspeace had blocked 962 553 brute force and dictionary attacks on Windows 2003 / 2008 / SBS server / RDS servers / Citrix WorldWide. As a prediction, we will reach over 1 Million later on this week or early next week. We think […]

Syspeace license password reset

As all of you know, we put a lot of effort and work into getting various features and improvements in place to help you protect your Windows 2003/2008/2008R2 and the Windows Server 2012 support coming up, Terminal Servers, Sharepoint Servers, Citrix Servers, Exchange Servers and so on. We’re just so into making Syspeace the nr […]

Preview of the new Acces Reports feature in the upcoming Syspeace

This is a sneak preview of a new feature in the upcoming Syspeace to enable sysadmins to search, sort, create and export various reports to .CSV files on login activity on their Windows servers. There will be even more things in the reporting and sorting functionality when we release it. Syspeace protects Windows servers, Exchange […]

Syspeace for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server

Syspeace for Windows 2003 server released As many of you already know, we’ve released version 2 which also includes Windows 2003 support and we’ve got great feedback on it. While introducing version 2, we actually also rewrote a lot of the engine code in the background to make Syspeace more modular for us to implement […]

Syspeace now also for Windows 2003 Server

We’re happy to announce that the 2.0 version of Syspeace now also supports Windows 2003. A few other changes in there are that the engine is rewritten to be even faster, the GUI has been simplified and we’ve done a few other changes “under the hood” to make it more modular for future development of […]

Champagne times two

Syspeace for Windows 2003 and 2012 due for release!

Syspeace Version 2, with support for Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 is due for release this evening. More info on improvements and features to come. Stay tuned!

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Getting your Datacenter Ready for the Holidays

Preparing for longer holidays and getting the #datacenter ready.