We are proud to launch Syspeace Datacenter Protection

Syspeace is proud to launch Syspeace Datacenter Protection – an Intrusion-Prevention-as-a-service (IPaaS) product that blocks known offenders at the datacenter firewall level.

Syspeace Datacenter Protection gives you enhanced protection against hacking attempts and guards you against the deployment of ransomware, malware, and viruses.

How do I benefit from Syspeace Datacenter Protection?

Syspeace Datacenter Protection is a Global Blocklist Subscription that helps you block known offenders at the datacenter firewall or endpoint level.

  • Enhanced protection against hacking attempts. Just download into your firewalls or custom software, giving all your computers and systems behind them increased protection against malicious hacking attempts.
  • Real-time protection with real-time updates. Get updates every hour, every day of the week, giving near real-time protection to all devices behind firewalls that subscribe to the Global Blocklist.
  • Improved cybersecurity by complementing your firewalls and anti-virus solutions. Prevent attacks through the open gates in your existing firewall, such as services like Remote Desktop Protocol.
  • Heightened defense against ransomware, viruses, and malware. Prevent ransomware, viruses, and malware from being deployed via hacking.
  • Easy and efficient administration. Instant delivery and download/access. One license to cover all your endpoints. Free customer service. Free updates and no additional or hidden costs.

Syspeace Datacenter Protection is an Intrusion-Prevention-as-a-service (IPaaS), built on our proven Global Blocklist. It contains our ever-growing list of IP addresses of offenders prowling for vulnerable servers and is accumulated via Syspeace Endpoint Protection.

A complement to anti-virus and firewall protection

Criminals use hacking and brute force attacks to gain access to your computers, where they deploy ransomware, viruses, or malware that later propagates automatically into your network.

The typical defense includes different software and systems for endpoint protection (e.g., anti-virus and firewalls), network protection, and complex authentication techniques. Necessary precautions in any network that needs to let legitimate users access the system.

Unfortunately, it also leaves a gate open in the endpoint protection (i.e., firewall) that can be used by cyber-criminals. Given enough time, when they knock on the door relentlessly, the door will most probably open.

Endpoint protection and the Global Blocklist will stop the criminal (i.e., the IP address) from knocking on the door at all, thus hindering them from entry.