Read Our White Paper on The Fight Against Hacking Attacks

Hacking attacks are growing at an alarming rate. Read this expert guide for practical insights to combat brute force and protect your business. 

Today, our work environment faces an untold number of cybersecurity threats with Phishing attempts, malware attacks, DDoS attacks, and Hacking attacks at the frontiers. Every organization – big and small – no matter the industry can become a victim of brute force attacks.

For large organizations, it’s a loss in reputation, share prices, hefty fines, costly downtimes, and lots more. For smaller firms – hefty fines, expensive downtime, and severe loss in reputation can close down the business for good.

The rise in remote work culture, connected devices, and mobile workforce solutions following the COVID-19 pandemic and blazing-fast growth in technological advancement brought about sophisticated hacking tools have offered a sweet spot to cybercriminals.

In the past, brute force attacks were essentially a trial and error game. Today’s brute force attacks are backed by automated tools that can guess 8-character passwords anywhere from a few seconds to a few months!

This white paper will talk about the brute force attack, alongside insights and emerging trends driving the shocking growth of cyberattacks. We will also discuss the most practical and highly relevant solutions to protect organizations against brute force attacks.