The new status window list of blocks shows blocks by type, IP address and expiration and includes information about the geographical location as well as the observations (failed logins) that triggered the block. Additionally, observations that have been seen but haven’t yet earned a block according to the Syspeace rules configured will show up as dimmed rows. Actions are available to add to or remove from blacklist, add to whitelist or even forgive a block, without needing to open the Settings.

In addition to these features, Syspeace 2.3.0 enables editing descriptions of blacklist/whitelist entries without needing to recreate them, provides increased stability in the case of an unreachable Syspeace server and warns if it detects that it will be unable to pick up events from Windows informing it about login failures.

Download Syspeace 2.3.0 today or read the release notes.

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