Preventing and blocking brute force and dictionary attacks on Windows Server

Syspeace is an automated brute force prevention / dictionary attack software that protects Microsoft Windows Servers by monitoring the Windows Authentication mechanisms for unsuccessful logins.

This means you get immediate protection for Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix, Exchange OWA Webmail, SharePoint, CRM, Terminal Server RDWeb and more. For instance, there is also built-in protection for Exchange connectors.

Each attack is automatically blocked, tracked and reported and as a system administrator you set up your own rules on when to block and for how long.

Syspeace is easy to install and you’re up & running and protected within minutes of the download. No need to change your infrastructure, buy costly new appliances or hire specialized consultants.

The Global Blacklist that is shared among all Syspeace installations around the world gives you preemptive protection from well known hackers and DDoS attackers, blocking them even before an attack can be initiated.

Syspeace also contains reporting capabilities, giving you the ability to check for failed and successful logins for your servers and separated mail notifications based on events.

The Syspeace licensing model is very flexible and targeted to be easily affordable for any company, whether you’re n the SMB segment, a large enterprise or even a large Cloud Service Provider or an outsourcing company.

One of the goals for Syspeace is to become a natural part of every server’s installed security mechanisms as part of the baseline security and an important piece of that security work is

Windows 2003 version of Syspeace is underway also to provide brute force and dictionary attack prevention for older servers

Try it for yourself and see how easy it is!

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