Syspeace Server IPS has now passed its general availability stage and will gradually enter into the End of Service Life (EOL) stages. After EOL, Syspeace will not function due to not being able to connect to supporting backend servers and infrastructure.

Since the announcement, a number of customers have expressed wanting to continue using Syspeace over alternatives. We are now offering a special version of Syspeace v3 that has been modified to be able to continue running.

One perpetual license allows use by one named license holder for an unlimited number of servers in perpetuity.

The perpetual license version of Syspeace is offered without warranty or support. It is available for purchase for $499 and only to business customers.

To purchase a Perpetual license, go to the Syspeace Licenses site.
(This link will allow you to register a new Syspeace account if you do not already have one.)

The Perpetual License Agreement (the EULA equivalent) is available to read before purchasing.


Why is Perpetual license Syspeace based on Syspeace v3 instead of Syspeace v4?

Making a perpetual license version of Syspeace v4 would be a significantly larger project due to its different architecture which is more dependent on supporting backend servers and infrastructure.

Perpetual license Syspeace is based on Syspeace v3 and no features have been back-ported from Syspeace v4, due to the large change in architecture.

What does Perpetual license mean?

It means that the Perpetual license version does not include communication with Syspeace backend servers. This removes functionality and also online license checks.

The Perpetual license version can be installed on any number of servers and does not expire. The Perpetual License Agreement (the EULA equivalent) of the Perpetual license version prohibits spreading the Perpetual license version to unaffiliated businesses and persons. An additional Perpetual license is required per additional separate business entity.

Which functionality is missing?

These functions are missing:

  • Global Blocklist and corresponding updates
  • Reporting of blocks for potential inclusion in the Global Blocklist
  • Updating of the MaxMind database that is used to translate IP addresses to countries and regions
  • Integration with Remote Status
  • Association with a Syspeace account via the license key
  • Online license checking
  • Manual

All other functionality is intact.

Unlike Syspeace v3, the same version works on Windows Server 2003 and all later Windows Server versions.

Changes have been made to allow the MaxMind database to be re-loaded by Perpetual license Syspeace if it is updated in place using MaxMind’s official geoipupdate program.

Will Perpetual license Syspeace automatically adopt settings from Syspeace v3?

No, the databases are different. But settings can be imported by following instructions available after purchase.

Our tax-exempt non-profit organization / educational institution has been eligible for a discount. Does it extend to this product?

An active discount will be automatically applied.

Is there a trial version?

No, but Perpetual license Syspeace should run everywhere Syspeace v3 runs today. We offer a five day money-back warranty.

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