Update March 16, 2023

After carefully considering and exploring potential partnerships, we have decided not to sell Syspeace to a new organization at this time.

Revised End of Life (EOL) Date: In light of these developments, we have extended the End of Life (EOL) date for Syspeace to April 30, 2026. This extension is intended to provide you with additional time and flexibility as we work towards securing a suitable future for Syspeace.

We understand the importance of Syspeace to your operations and appreciate your ongoing partnership. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this transitional phase.

Update May 29, 2023

Since the announcement, a number of customers have expressed wanting to continue using Syspeace over alternatives. We are now offering a special version of Syspeace v3 that will be able to continue running.

Read more on the Perpetual license Syspeace page.

In addition, the EULA is updated for Syspeace v3 and Syspeace v4, as allowed in its terms. See the current version.

Stockholm, April 24, 2023

Dear valued Customers,

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Syspeace Server IPS has now passed its general availability stage and that we have decided to gradually enter into the End of Service Life (EOL) stages.

As such, please keep in mind the following dates:

Accordingly, the following applies:

For more detailed information, see the EOL FAQ later on this page.

While this announcement has not been an easy decision to make, we would not feel comfortable broadcasting the end of our relationship without addressing our valued customers with some background information.

As with all product life cycles, the hard truth is that life happens and that software solutions and products are discontinued and retired for a variety of reasons. In the case of Syspeace Server IPS, the decision was not only influenced by profitability and the solution not exceeding the required growth levels, but the simple fact that maintainability efforts and costs superseded the value generated.

As such, entering EOL stages and the necessary complete product retirement has been incredibly difficult and was, despite careful resource allocation and re-configuration, far from what we had anticipated upon Syspeace Server IPS’s initial release.

Further, and as you may have noticed, our so far complimentary support levels will be limited to our FAQ, knowledge base and official documentation as of 30th of April 2023. We would like to assure you that Syspeace Server IPS continues to function as normal until 30th of April 2024. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consider a transition period of 2-3 months prior to the EOL.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your tremendous and indispensable support and business during our journey and conclude on the note that it has been a great pleasure providing you with Syspeace’s services.

Håkan Andersson, CEO, Syspeace AB
On behalf of the Syspeace development, support, and maintenance team

Frequently asked questions

Timeline of End of Service Life (EOL) stages

End of Development (EOD) as of 30th of April 2023

End of Sale (EOS) as of 31st of March 2024, and

End of Service Life (EOL) as of 30th of April 2024.

Which Syspeace product is affected?

This refers to Syspeace Server IPS, which includes Syspeace v3, Syspeace Remote Status Console, Syspeace Service (v4) and Syspeace Console (v4).

Other Syspeace products are cancelled and the customers have been notified.

As a current Syspeace customer, what should I do?

If you intend to keep using a Syspeace-like IDS/IPS product after the EOL date, we recommend that you evaluate alternative solutions and migrate away from Syspeace.

If you use Syspeace for a limited time project that ends before the EOL date, you may be able to keep using Syspeace or you may want to migrate.

It is advisable to consider a transition period 2-3 months prior to the EOL at the latest. However, the schedule will vary for each customer, depending on their resources and circumstances.

If the Perpetual license version of Syspeace is a good fit, you may also migrate to it. Read more on the Perpetual license Syspeace page.

Will general product functionality be affected until EOL?

The general product functionality, whether provided by the Syspeace product or by the collective Syspeace backend infrastructure services, will remain the same until EOL.

Will there be additional updates and fixes?

No additional product development, including additional security updates and fixes, will be provided as of EOD.

Will the Global Blocklist be affected?

The Global Blocklist will be shut off by the EOL change that shuts down the collective Syspeace backend infrastructure services. Until then, it will remain available.

The Global Blocklist is produced by an automated process considering information about blocked IPs from Syspeace customers worldwide. As customers stop using Syspeace, the data volumes will decrease and may eventually result in fewer Global Blocklist entries.

Will invoice/transaction information in the Syspeace Licenses site remain available after EOL?

If necessary, please download all information in the Syspeace Licenses site under the Invoices tab. It will not be available after EOL.

The invoices were originally attached to the receipt/invoice email received after a license purchase and have already been provided once. The Invoices tab is provided for convenience.

Is it still possible to register new accounts?

Yes, until the EOS date. Doing so may be necessary short-term for customers using Syspeace who have not yet found an alternative solution.

Is it still possible to purchase licenses?

Yes, until the EOS date. Doing so may be necessary short-term for customers using Syspeace who have not yet found an alternative solution. Licenses sold also help fund the continued availability of the Syspeace backend services until EOL.

Read on for more information about licenses.

How is license pricing affected?

Pricing remains the same as before.

How are Managed Resellers affected?

The information given in this FAQ applies equally to regular Syspeace accounts and to Managed Reseller Syspeace accounts.

How are manual license purchases affected?

After the EOS date, it will no longer be possible to purchase licenses.

Before or on the EOS date, it will be possible to purchase licenses. These licenses can not reach beyond the EOL date.

I have a license that ends after the EOS date but before the EOL date. Will I be able to renew it by purchasing a new license after the EOS date?

If you want to have a license that lasts all the way to the EOL date, you will need to, ahead of the EOS date, purchase an additional license covering the remainder of the time.

I have a previously purchased license that reaches beyond the EOL date. How will this affect me?

We have sent out an email to all holders of such licenses with information.

How are automatic renewal license purchases affected? Will I need to cancel them?

Automatic renewal licenses will keep being automatically renewed, but with these three changes:

1. Automatic renewal licenses will stop being automatically renewed after the EOS date and will not need to be manually cancelled.

2. If the renewal license’s end date would extend beyond the EOL date, the end date is set to the EOL date instead.

3. If the renewal license is short enough that the license cost falls underneath the minimum purchase amount, it would usually be extended with additional days until the cost is equal to or slightly exceeds the minimum purchase amount. If this is not possible due to the EOL date, the license cost is instead rounded up to the minimum purchase amount.

If you stop using Syspeace before the EOL, do not forget to log in to the Syspeace Licenses site and turn off automatic renewal for each license that has it turned on.

More specifically, what happens on EOL?

On EOL, the collective Syspeace backend infrastructure services will be shut down. They:

The Syspeace software on customer servers may briefly continue running but will soon become inoperable.

We recommend evaluating alternative solutions, migrating to them and uninstalling Syspeace on the affected servers well in advance of EOL.

What happens if all Syspeace customers stop using Syspeace well before the EOL?

If there are no remaining servers actively running Syspeace, the EOL shutdown may take place earlier than planned, assuming that no current or prior customer is judged to be inconvenienced by this.