Syspeace license price adjustment

10 years ago, in September 2012, the first Syspeace license was sold. From the beginning we have offered a flexible license system with customizable, stackable, floating/movable licenses. The goal has been to make it easy to adopt Syspeace at your own pace, buy additional licenses as circumstances demand and without paying for server licenses that you do not need.

Since then many businesses have become Syspeace customers, including many small businesses and individuals, but we are not satisfied. We want even more people and businesses to be able to use Syspeace, so today we are making two changes to our license pricing.

First, we are lowering the price to $0.14 per server per day and we are lowering it for everyone, both new and current customers. (We are continuing our practice of “graduated pricing”, lower pricing tiers as your licenses increase; with enough licenses you can reach $0.12 or $0.10 per server per day.)

ExamplePrice before changeNew price
1 server, 90 days$27.00$12.60
1 server, 365 days$109.50$51.10
5 servers, 365 days$547.50$255.50
25 servers, 30 days$225.00$105.00

(Price as calculated for new customers with no prior licenses using new pricing vs previously current pricing. Other discounts and pricing tier progress may affect the comparison.)

In addition, we are lowering the minimum license purchase price from $15 to $3.

Previously a 1 server, 31 day license would have cost $9.30, but the smallest license you could actually buy was 1 server, 50 days at the $15 minimum. Now, you can purchase the intended license and for $4.34.

When short duration licenses are combined with our opt-in automatic renewal of licenses, it is easier than ever to use Syspeace while spreading the license outlay over the year.