Here is a collection of Syspeace tutorials. All tutorials can also be found via the Syspeace Youtube channel.

How Syspeace helps protect Windows servers from hacking attacks

In this video, we go through how Syspeace helps you protect servers from hacking attacks. We demonstrate our Threat Activity Map, which is a live view of all the hacking attempts that occur in the world that are being blocked by Syspeace.

How to install Syspeace Server IPS on a Windows Server

This is a quick tutorial about how easy it is to install Syspeace on a Windows Server 2019. Syspeace protects against brute force hacking attacks which is a common way to distribute ransomware, viruses, and malware.

How to configure Syspeace Server IPS

When you installed Syspeace, you need to configure it. This short tutorial shows how to configure Syspeace that is installed on a Windows Server 2019.