Syspeace 4.2 and later

(Syspeace v4 is a new implementation of Syspeace and uses a new foundation from Syspeace v3. This page contains information about improvements in minor version releases starting with 4.2. For more information, see the Syspeace 4.0 page.)


  • Syspeace Service: Fixes an issue with Service license checking where near or after a trial expiration or when a license check was past due, checking the license would recheck every few seconds as long as it did not get a license.
  • Syspeace Console: In IP Activity: Country information is now visible for blocks caused by rules and where the triggering login attempt is too far back to not be included in the latest 250 login attempts.
  • Syspeace Console: Fixes a rare crash in Console when connecting to a service when IP Activity collects quick-jump info about IP addresses and the same IP address re-appears in the same category (block, blocklist, etc).


  • Added IP activity panel. The IP activity panel shows recent activity for the IP address. It can be opened from any IP link or you can go to an IP address using the search field.
    • The activity shown is:
      • the 250 latest login attempts (and an indication if there are more)
      • the 25 latest blocks
      • information about IP lists containing the address directly or a range that includes the address
    • Selecting a block caused by a rule will highlight the contributing login attempts.
  • Syspeace Service can now be upgraded from Syspeace Console. (In other words, this version can’t be upgraded to in this way, but you will be able to upgrade from it to future versions.)
    • An upgrade can’t be started unless the Service is currently in a trial or licensed, including if the Service is not paired to an account yet.
    • The health status is checked before and after the upgrade. If the health status fails, the new version will be uninstalled and the previous version re-installed. The health check currently consists of seeing if a block recommendation can be flowed through the Syspeace engine and result in a block instruction, but may be expanded or changed in the future.
    • Upgrades can be started manually, one service at a time. Automatic upgrades will be a forthcoming feature.
  • Access report includes a check box to treat usernames case insensitively. Most controls can also be collapsed to leave more room for the list of groups.
  • Syspeace Service now uses a .exe setup program instead of a Windows Installer .msi package. The new setup looks different and compresses to a smaller size but should be functionally equivalent with these changes:
    • The setup will now respect the current installed location when upgrading.
    • The step to open ports to allow direct local network communication with Syspeace Console can be skipped by unchecking the checkbox during the setup process, or by passing /OpenDirectPortsInFirewall=false to the setup program. This setting is remembered as the default for future installs or upgrades.
  • Other improvements:
    • Syspeace Console will now more reliably connect with direct connections when they are available.
    • Speeded up recalculation of current rule blocks when reset on success is enabled.
    • Speeded up Access Log and similar fetching of login attempts.
    • Daily/weekly reports now include blocks that have since expired.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented SMTP Exchange login attempts from being picked up.
    • Fixed an issue where a Service that lost connection but was connected to Console through a Relay tunnel would still show up as connected and responsive.
    • Added ability to force traffic-based RDP detection to be available if necessary. For more information, contact Syspeace Support.