Syspeace 3.1.5

November 25, 2020

  • Improve the performance of the rule matching database.
    • The database is now using a different database technology to avoid some stability and compatibility issues seen in the wild.
    • Improved throughput during high traffic.
    • Fixed a bug where updating a table keeping track of information per rule + IP address combination would instead overwrite the information for the same rule but all IP adresses. This led to increasingly slower updates when a login attempt was entered into the database, and over time to significant CPU usage.
  • Add support for Syspeace accounts with masked data, where the license key and related information is not visible inside the License pane in Settings. This may be useful for accounts that need to share a license across many sites where an end-user that potentially could access Syspeace should not have access to these details. In general, we recommend Managed Reseller functionality if possible. For more information about either alternative and to enable masked data, please contact Syspeace support.
  • Bug fixes to prevent crashes due to lack of synchronization.
  • Detect errors when writing to log files and retry.
  • Remove temporary file created during IP Security Policy update.
  • Use double quoted path to service executable.
  • Stop performing traceroute to IP address when blocked.
  • Change the contact email in the manual.