Syspeace 3.0.1

April 04, 2018

Syspeace 3.0.1 contains bug fixes and improves the experience when an account creation email can’t be delivered.

  • Fixed an issue where a settings file that included a section of detector or country rules exported from a Syspeace installation with no such rules could have caused a crash when Syspeace imported this file.
  • Improved handing of expected but missing geographic location information from Syspeace backend server.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to start Syspeace after a license and grace period expired could prevent re-activating Syspeace or entering a new license key.
  • Syspeace will now attempt to fetch failed delivery report details from Syspeace’s backend mail server. If email messages related to creating a new account or recovering a license key could not be delivered, these details can help in resolving the issue. Syspeace will check for this information repeatedly for a short period when an account has been registered, or every time the license key recovery/”lost your license key” function is used.