Syspeace 2.6.0

August 10, 2016

  • A Windows Server 2003 variant of Syspeace is introduced. Read more.
    • If you use Syspeace on Windows Server 2003, you must use the Windows Server 2003 variant. If you do not, you must use the ordinary variant. The ordinary variant will not run on Windows Server 2003 or vice versa.
    • The general cause is because Windows Server 2003 does not support newer certificate hashing algorithms than SHA-1 and no new SHA-1 certificates are being issued.
    • All communication with the Syspeace backend server happens to an alternate server endpoint, This server uses a self-signed SHA-1 certificate, because no new SHA-1 certificates are being issued, and our current certificate is expiring in September 2016.
    • This version of the application is not code signed, since there is no longer a way to produce a signature that Windows Server 2003 will understand as being signed.
    • When a link is clicked or a web site is opened, if the address is to a secure web site, Syspeace offers to let you copy the web site address instead of opening it, since Internet Explorer on Windows Server 2003 is incompatible with many secure web sites due to recent changes in SSL/TLS/certificate standards like the SHA-1 issue above.
  • Improved reading of SQL Server events on Windows Server 2003 and SMTP Exchange events.
  • The installer will now prevent installation of 32-bit Syspeace on 64-bit Windows, or of the wrong Syspeace variant (see above).
  • Syspeace now works when FIPS-140 compliance mode is on.
  • The License settings panel now has a button for copying the license number.
  • The System settings panel now has a button for opening the logs folder.
  • Improved performance of IP address arithmetic.