Syspeace 2.5.0

April 15, 2014

Introduces support for plugin detectors, updates the reseller model and includes functionality to export and import settings and to diagnostically run Syspeace in a “dry run” mode.

  • Includes a first version of pluggable detector support where new detectors can be developed and added. A new Web detector is available in a beta version to provide protection against some web site login attempts. For more information, see the Syspeace detector API documentation.
  • Updates the reseller model. For more information, see the Syspeace web site.
  • A new function to export settings and/or license key to a settings file. This settings file can be used to configure a new or existing Syspeace installation.
  • The ability to select the “blocking provider” specifying how Syspeace’s blocks will be blocked.
    • Makes it possible to use the IP Security Policy blocking provider, normally used for Windows Server 2003, if another protection program is managing Windows Firewall and not effecting the blocks entered into it.
    • Makes it possible to use “Dry run” to not actually block anything. Useful for evaluations of Syspeace. There is a prominent warning in the Syspeace status window when Dry run is active.
  • Fixes a bug where the Reset on Success setting would stop working.