Syspeace 2.4.0

January 22, 2014

Introduces Access log, IP address actions and revamps the internal database for speed and efficiency. For more details, see the full release notes.

New features
The Attack control panel has been replaced with the Access log panel.
Searches can now be performed on additional fields.
Searches can now be confined to only a certain source of login attempt (Windows login, etc.).
Global blacklist blocks can now be hidden in the Live blocks panel.
In many places where an IP address appears, the IP address is now a green clickable link. Clicking the link will bring up a small info panel about the IP address and include relevant actions, including adding to/removing from the local blacklist and adding to the local whitelist.

Engine changes
Large parts of Syspeace have been revamped to improve speed and manageability and in preparation of future features.
Login attempts are now stored more compactly and in separate databases.
Information about current and recent blocks is now stored more compactly.
The detection and blocking engines have been revamped to speed up handling of login attempts. Many stages of the pipeline have been tweaked so that the time between adding a blacklist entry or forgiving a block in the user interface and the change being in place in the firewall is significantly shorter than in previous versions.

Other changes
Fixed an issue where the whitelist pane in Settings would not be updated when an IP address was whitelisted in the status window.