Syspeace 2.2.2

June 25, 2013

Improves SQL Server compatibility, shows events in the status window and fixes bugs. For more information, see the release notes.

Improves SQL Server support to also detect logins from other SQL Server instances than the default, including SQL Server Express instances.
Events like login failures and removal of blocks are now shown in the main window’s list as the Syspeace service is running. To disregard these entries, uncheck Show all events. When the Syspeace service is not running, only the current blocks are shown.
Syspeace now disregards successful Windows login authentication events by the anonymous user as may be issued by Windows before attempting to mounting a share, instead of resetting the number of accumulated failed logins if the setting Reset on success is active.
Fixed a bug causing communication to fail between the client and service.
Fixed a timing-sensitive bug preventing Settings from opening.
Fixed a bug preventing exports from Attack control.
Fixed a bug preventing mail reports.
Fixed a bug preventing the removal of all blocks.