Syspeace 2.2.0

June 11, 2013

Added support for resellers. Blacklist and whitelist entries can now have descriptions and weekly and daily reports now exclude pre-existing blocks. For more information, see the release notes.

Reseller support
Support for Syspeace license resellers has been added. New accounts are assigned to a specific reseller, or, if there are no resellers in the customer’s territory, to Syspeace directly. Reseller customers buy licenses from their reseller instead of from Syspeace. For more information, please see the reseller information on
Current Syspeace customers will not be assigned a reseller and can continue to purchase licenses from Syspeace.

New data features and usability improvements
Entries in the local blacklist and whitelist can both have descriptions.
Corresponding blacklist entry descriptions show up in the Live blocks panel.
Entries added to the whitelist by clicking “Make permanent exception in whitelist” in the Live blocks panel get a corresponding description.
The local machine IP addresses that are automatically whitelisted in Local Whitelist are now annotated with the name and description of the applicable network interface.
Due to the similarity between the Local Blacklist and Local Whitelist panels, a bar colored white for the whitelist and black for the blacklist has been added just above the list in each of the panels.
In addition to the rule indicators for the Rule panels, there are now indicators to show the number of active entries in the blacklists and whitelist, as well as an indicator for the number of blocks.

Bug fixes and stability improvements
The numbers in the weekly and daily email reports no longer include pre-existing blocks along with the first block of the day.
Fixed a crash when using Syspeace with non-English versions of SQL Server.
A crash has been fixed when using Access Report and there are many entries missing usernames.
Fixes to improve stability when a backend server request is aborted by a lost network connection.

Additionally, v2.2.1 fixes a crashing bug for users who upgraded from v2.1.0.