Syspeace 2.0.1

February 26, 2013

Includes better support for SMTP over SSL, access to higher quality geographical data, improves performance and fixes upgrade issues. For more information, see the release notes.

Improved the installation process
Old versions of the Syspeace service are more reliably stopped and removed on installation.

Improved Syspeace operation
On Windows Server 2003, certain Winlogon success entries are no longer incorrectly recorded as login failures.
On Windows Server 2008, one set of firewall rule updates now is not interruptible by a newer set of firewall updates. This slightly reduces performance but avoids a situation constant firewall rule updates could stall the application of firewall rules.
Communication with the local database now happens in a way less likely to allow real-time antivirus software to temporarily open the database file, thereby blocking access to it and causing a crash in the Syspeace Client.
Firewall rule updates now happen faster.
Non-critical logging is now correctly performed only when Logging has been enabled in System settings.
In addition to the local address of the machine on every network interface, is now automatically whitelisted as well.
Private and otherwise reserved IPv4 ranges will no longer be reported for inclusion in the global blacklist.

Improved email, geographical and reporting functionality
Email sending is now compatible with both SMTP + Implicit SSL (entirely encrypted, usually on port 465) and SMTP + Explicit SSL (encryption started during the handshake, usually on port 25 or 587).
Switched to a new source of geographical data.
Bugs that in some situations prevented the sending of daily and weekly reports, especially with multiple email addresses, have been fixed.
Daily and weekly reports are generated and sent faster.