How Can We Help?

Which information is helpful to provide when contacting Syspeace support?

Syspeace produces log files during normal operation. It is usually helpful to include them. They are located in C:\Program Files\Treetop\Syspeace\logs. Include the file(s) from the relevant days. Please take care to include both log_ and client_log_ files. If possible, go into Syspeace’s Settings → System Settings and enable Logging (meaning enable more extensive logging), restart Syspeace and then reproduce the problem. This will give us more information.

If the issue happens when you do something in Syspeace’s user interface, a description of the problem that answers the following questions will be very helpful:

  • What did you do?
  • What did you expect to see happen?
  • What happened instead?
  • From what you’ve seen, are there any circumstances under which something else happens?

In addition, the following technical information is also helpful:

  • The version of Syspeace, and whether you have recently upgraded it or not (and from which previous version)
  • The version of Windows Server (client versions of Windows are not supported)
  • The version of .NET Framework, if known

If your question is about Windows login events, provide the events with event ID 4625/4624 from the Security event log that affect your question. In the Windows Event Viewer, you can select events, right click and click Save Selected Events to export them to a standalone file.