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My license has not been activated even after restarting

If your licence has not been activated after restarting, it might be due to the possibility that you might have registered and used multiple Syspeace accounts. If the Syspeace account for which you purchased a license is not the same as the Syspeace account your computer is linked to, the licensce will not be activated.

To check this, perform the following steps on the computer where Syspeace does not receive a license:

  1. Go to Syspeace’s Settings.
  2. Go to the License pane.
  3. Click the Buy licenses… button.
  4. Log into the Syspeace Licenses site using the Syspeace account you used to purchase the license.
  5. If they are different accounts, you will see a prominent warning at the top, showing you which Syspeace account your computer is using, along with steps you can take.

If you still have questions, please contact Syspeace support.