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How does Syspeace differ from other kinds of software security? Can I uninstall my anti-virus software now?

Anti-virus/Malware software scans CPU activity (checks what the computer is doing) and hard disk contents (checks what’s stored on the computer) to see if any of it is software that is likely to ruin the use of the computer or destroy data. The software may be known-bad, but often heuristics are used. It is also often complemented by software intercepting some network traffic, for example checking incoming email.

Firewalls control the flow of networking in a computer to decide what is allowed in and what is allowed out, and to a lesser degree to provide instructions for how network traffic should be routed.

Syspeace is a host-based (locally installed) IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System). It detects particular login attempts, and it uses a firewall to block attackers. Syspeace is “part of a complete breakfast” – it provides its kind of protection, it depends on a firewall and should be used to complement your existing security solutions.