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How do I upgrade from Syspeace v3 to Syspeace v4?

First: both Syspeace v4 and Syspeace v3 are available for all licensed customers. There is no upgrade fee.

Syspeace v4 uses two separate parts to do the job of Syspeace v3’s single part. Syspeace Service is the Windows service installed on the server you wish to protect, where it will pick up login attempts and block IP addresses. Syspeace Console is the user interface through which you manage Syspeace Service. You can use Console to manage Syspeace Service on several servers, and you can install it on your own computer instead of on the server, leaving more resources available.

Syspeace v4 has many improvements to core functionality. However, Syspeace v4 does not yet have full feature parity with Syspeace v3. See other Knowledge Base articles or the Syspeace v3 vs Syspeace v4 article for more information. If you rely on the missing features, you may want to hold off until they are there.

Syspeace v3 and the Syspeace v4 parts (Console and Service) will install side-by-side, and so installing Syspeace v4 will not replace Syspeace v3. Running both at the same time will cause both v3 and v4 to claim a license, and both v3 and v4 to detect login attempts and produce blocks, although they will not overwrite each other’s work. We recommend running only one of v3 and v4 at a time on a single server, but you can mix and match v3 and v4 across your servers and still use the same licenses in the same Syspeace accounts. However, you can’t control Syspeace v3 with Syspeace Console (v4) and Syspeace Service (v4) will not show up in Syspeace Remote Status Console (v3).

With all this taken into account, upgrading consists of:

  1. Stopping Syspeace v3.
  2. Installing Syspeace Service on your server.
  3. Installing Syspeace Console on your own computer, or on the server.
  4. Starting up Syspeace Console.
  5. Logging into Syspeace Console with your Syspeace account.
  6. In the Syspeace Services list inside Syspeace Console, pair the service to your account. (Follow the instructions in Syspeace Console if the Service is not visible.)
  7. Double clicking the service to open it and configuring everything to your liking.
  8. After setting up Syspeace v4 and verifying that everything still works, uninstall Syspeace v3.

IP list entries can be copied and pasted from v3 to v4.

Aside from IP list entries, there is currently no way to export settings from v3 to import them into v4. This is being considered for a future release where more features are available.