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How do I make a Country rule in Syspeace Console? (v4)

Syspeace v3 has Country rules functionality to immediately block when the first login attempt has been detected if the address corresponds to a country. The rules let you set a list of countries the login attempt should be from or not be from, and you could choose whether to block on a failed login attempt or on all login attempts.

All these things are possible in Syspeace v4 by adding conditions under a Rule. In other words, country rules are still possible, but you can also combine country matching with other conditions to create more powerful rules.

To create a rule that does the same thing as a Country rule:

  1. Open the service view for one of your Syspeace Services in Syspeace Console.
  2. Select “Rules” in the list to the left.
  3. Select a rule group, then click Add rule.
  4. Name the rule.
  5. Click Add condition, then select Country.
  6. For the new Country condition, select is one of or is not one of depending on if you will be choosing countries to disallow or countries to allow (e.g. to disallow other countries).
  7. Click “(no countries picked)” and select the country or countries by moving them to the right-hand “Picked countries” box. Click Confirm to confirm the list.
  8. Under Rule matching window, enter “1 login attempt”.
  9. Under Lockout duration, describe for how long the block should last.
  10. If you want to block based on all login attempts, change the Success condition to “Both” instead of “Failed”.
  11. Click Save changes to create the rule.