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A new version of Syspeace is available. Do I need to upgrade?

We continually develop Syspeace. New versions of Syspeace introduce new features and improve performance and stability.

We show a notification in the Syspeace interface when a new version is released. Since not everyone always looks at the Syspeace interface, shortly after we have released a new version, we send out email messages detailing the improvements in the new version. We recommend upgrading Syspeace by this point.

Syspeace runs on servers in many different environments and in many different kinds of organizations and there are many reasons why upgrading might not be convenient or the best idea right at this moment. Sticking with your current version for a while is fine; we do recommend keeping as reasonably up-to-date as the conditions will allow.

If you run into an issue, we will ask you to upgrade to the latest available version if you have not already done so. In many cases, this itself will fix the problem, and in the cases where they don’t, it will help the process of diagnosing the problem if the problem is not previously known to us.